An eating contest ready-made for ESPN2

Nettles_2If ever something were worth televising, it’s the 9th annual World Nettle Eating Championship, held at the Bottle Inn in Marshwood, England. Competitors must eat as many nettles as they can; progress is measured by the combined length of the discarded bare stems. Nettles, which are wild plants with serrated-edged leaves that sting, strike the casual newsreader as strange/painful things on which to focus an eating contest. The whole thing started with an argument in the Bottle Inn in which a farmer boasted that he would eat any nettles that were bigger than the ones on his property. He was forced to eat his words and some huge nettles, and a contest was soon born. Beer evidently played a vital role in the event’s conception, and does today as well. This contest strikes AdFreak as way manlier than Fear Factor or monotonous hot-dog-eating contests that Americans, the fattest people on the planet, routinely lose. So we think it should be televised. There’s plenty of ESPN to go around, and there’s clearly an audience for shows where people put themselves through all kinds of misery. I’d watch it over B-list celebrity poker.

—Posted by David Kiefaber