Eat eggs, and you’ll be amazingly incredible

There's something both mystical and disgusting about eggs. They're smooth, seemingly perfect vessels of sustenance, until they crack, stink up the house and make your hands all wet and sticky. The latest ad campaign by the American Egg Board, from Grey in New York, is also a bit of a mess. It features Luke Myers, a 14-year-old world-champion plastic cup stacker. In terms of job skills, he's recession-proof—at any place in America that needs plastic cups stacked very quickly! Luke and the other endorsers deliver their pitches while sitting in a creepy, egg-shaped swivel chair that looks like a prop from a bad '70s sitcom. Yes, I want one. The work's about egg-lovin' "incredible people" doing "incredible things." There's a tie-in with Rachael Ray, who's having these people tell their "incredible stories" on her show. So, on the plus side, there's a chance Rachael will get egged.

—Posted by David Gianatasio