Eat Domino’s and Lose Total Control of Your Mouth, Advise Odd New Ads

Iris Worldwide campaign gets boggled

Eating Domino's pizza renders folks insensibly slack-jawed and incapable of coherent speech in "The Mouth Boggles," a strange and silly U.K. campaign from Iris Worldwide.

Ads show people in different situations making cooing, mumbling and squawking noises. Their mouths stretch and distort in cartoonish ways, as if the footage had been run through a face-swapping app.

Who wouldn't want to order a couple of Fiery Hawaiian pies after watching this?

A voiceover explains: "Domino's. So mouth-bogglingly tasty, you just can't …" before the narration itself trails off into gobbledygook.

Though it probably won't provoke fits of laughter, the spots, directed by Sam Hubbard at Somesuch, are amusing and memorable. Social extensions include a Snapchat push with custom "Lost for Words" lenses allowing users to create their own wacky lip service for the brand, plus a Giphy channel for those who feel like sharing GIFs that celebrate the product. (Of late, Domino's social menu has featured its award-winning "Emoji Ordering" system and related promos.)

"At Domino's we have a passion for creating great digital experiences that tap into culturally relevant phenomena, experiences and behaviors which we believe increases the accessibility and shareability of our content," says Nick Dutch, head of Domino's digital marketing in the U.K. "We're really excited about the way our core idea can be so well interpreted and executed across all the different channels and platforms."

Fair enough. Plus, the less actually said—in understandable speech—about the taste of Domino's, the better.