Dunkin ads to become depressing, violent

Zach Braff is directing Naomi Campbell for an upcoming Dunkin Donuts ad, which can only mean one thing: Naomi will sink into existential despair, and play a lot of Shins music, after pelting a housekeeper with a Boston Creme. Actually, that’s not far off. According to Page Six, the self-mocking spot will feature Campbell “gardening in an evening dress. Something goes wrong, she gets frustrated, and she flips out. She then takes her shoe off and throws it through a window. Next to her is a Martha Stewart type who is calm, cool and collected, thanks to her frozen Dunkin’ Donuts drink.” Hopefully the wayward shoe will end up striking Rachael Ray. As New York magazine’s Vulture blog points out, this isn’t Braff’s first ad gig—he recently provided the voice of the Cottonelle puppy.

—Posted by Tim Nudd