In drunk-driving spot, there’s no going back

The blood and gore of a thousand Australian PSAs can't match the intensity of this anti-drunk-driving spot by VWK in Albuquerque for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. This is almost a can't-miss category: The subject matter lends itself to powerful messages and stirring imagery. Yet, so much has been done, it's difficult to find a fresh approach. Well, we've found it here! Director Sean Broughton brilliantly shifts into reverse, starting at the story's end—which, in another twist, is not the accident itself. This method is jarring and unexpected enough to force us to consider the too-familiar car-crash scenario in a fresh light. Placing the bright party scene at the end deepens the sense of loss. The dead girl's palor is all the more upsetting because she seems sweet and almost shy as she speaks a single word to her father and sets the quick-cut flashback in motion. There's no hope of reversal. Her face will haunt his nightmares—and perhaps ours. Sobering. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio