Dr Pepper, Cartel prepare to get bubblicious

Dr_pepper_can The rock band Cartel moves into its 2,000-square-foot high-tech habitat tonight as Dr Pepper Band in a Bubble kicks off on MTV. The group has 20 days to record a new album. Check out the bubble in 3-D on TPG Architecture’s Web site. It’s pretty cool, like something Irwin Allen would have designed if he’d had bigger budgets. What would that go for in New York’s bloated real-estate market? The walls are mostly transparent, to facilitate a “23-camera voyeuristic experience,” but this is Manhattan—you can’t expect too much privacy. Maybe the band will rock so hard that they will shatter the dome—that could make for a great finale. The show could never play here in Boston. The bubble would be mistaken for a UFO, and city officials would demand millions from MTV for setting off a panic. Maybe local has-beens the Cars could reform and record an album in seven days in a Nissan Sentra. (Their later albums sound like they were done that way.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio