DQ’s idea of holiday cheer? Mr. Six in drag.

Dairy Queen today launches a new holiday Web site, Share DQ Joy, centered around the wacky antics of an octogenarian who likes to dance. No, not that octogenarian who likes to dance, though you’re close. This one’s name is Joy, and according to the press release, she’s an “iconic 80-something, eccentric, passionate, Blizzard- and holiday-obsessed, gift-giving grandma … a blend of Edith Bunker, Saturday Night Live’s Church Lady and a female Ned Flanders”—a description that’s sure to do wonders for the ego of the actress involved. In a handful of videos, Joy sings and dances, serenades her cats, and grinds with Santa. A DQ exec says, “Everyone can relate to Joy because we all have a Joy in the family. That’s what makes her so funny and relevant.” To whom exactly, he doesn’t say.

—Posted by Tim Nudd