In down times, the lottery’s bigger than ever

Could the slumping economy drive a renaissance in lottery advertising and spur sales as the newly unemployed seek quick fixes for their money woes? The question hadn't crossed my mind until the folks at Hill, Holliday sent me their latest work for Massachusetts' Billion Dollar Bonanza. It's touted as "Our biggest game ever," with giant scratch tickets providing the salient visuals. Some hardhats use their shovels instead of a dime to see if they've won. At least they're employed and have an extra $20 to waste—er, I mean, invest—in a ticket. Actually, the way the markets are performing, they might be better off. Hill's become the "big idea" agency. First there was the giant chili pepper for Chili's, now these lottery tickets. A giant chocolate cruller for Dunkin' Donuts would sure be appreciated. Though I really can't afford snacks if I'm blowing—I mean, spending—$20 a pop on the lottery.

—Posted by David Gianatasio