Dove pitches in ‘Mets Magazine’

Dove_ad1We’ve seen the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty” in lots of places, including the escalators leading down into the bowels of the Grand Central subway station, but here’s a media placement that really leaped out at us: a full-page buy in the current issue of Mets Magazine (better known to most folks at the ballpark as the scorecard). With the possible exception of an ad for General Mills cereals, it was the only ad targeted toward women in the entire publication, sharing space with marketers like York air conditioning and the Ramada Plaza Hotel LaGuardia (“Your place to stay … across from Shea!”) Anyway, here’s our theory as to why someone saw fit to place the ad there. Though we count ourselves among the group of longtime female baseball fans, women who are dragged to the game by their significant others make the ultimate captive audience, imprisoned for nine innings with nothing to do but take in the between innings entertainment and flip through Mets Magazine.( In other “Campaign for Real Beauty” news, one of our fellow ad blogs has a post about how some people don’t want reality, at least when it comes to looking at some women’s thighs.)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor