Don’t glow like Coco, says skin-cancer ad

You may associate her more with the "little black dress." But it turns out that Coco Chanel also invented the suntan. So we’re told, anyhow, in a stylish ad for the Skin Cancer Foundation, created pro bono by Partners + Jeary of New York. As its text explains, Chanel fell asleep during “a long boat ride with some English Duke” and woke up tanned, inspiring generations of women and men since to get their own tans. Given the risk this entails of getting skin cancer (to say nothing of wrinkles), the ad declares that “tanning’s fifteen minutes of fame are over” (Chanel and Warhol in one ad!) and urges readers to “Go with your own glow.” Depending on how much you glow (in the dark, for instance), I suppose that might indicate health problems of its own. But the slogan has a catchy ring to it.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver