Don’t blame it on the TWU, blame it on the Krupniks

Badsanta1_1_1Here’s a sobering statistic for all those retailers in the Big Apple who usually rely on the holiday shopping season to make whatever profit they’re going to make for the year: the transit strike—which appears to be ending—caused $1 billion in lost revenue for city businesses through just these three days (through Thursday, Dec. 22 for those not paying close attention). That’s according to the city’s comptroller’s office, as reported by Time Warner’s New York 1 cable news channel. That doesn’t include the millions in wasted marketing dollars that commercial enterprises spent trying to lure consumers to their stores to find the perfect gift for that special someone. A billion in lost revenue is a bad thing and when bad things happen, someone must be blamed. I nominate the Krupnik family of East 18th Street in Manhattan. They’re the ones who dissed our lovely tradition of over-commercializing the holidays by putting a decapitating Santa in their front yard with a bloody cut-off doll head in one hand and a blade in the other. They put a jinx on the whole season, manifested by the transit strike. Now thousands of children may go without presents this year, especially transit workers’ kids whose parents face up to $25,000 in fines for each day they’ve been off the job during the illegal strike. A couple of more days of this strike and they just might have ended up without presents next year as well. And maybe the year after. So way to go Krupniks—hope you’re satisfied! Less spending and less joy for the holidays, just like you hoped for.

—Posted by Steve McClellan