Don’t blame it on the Dell dude

Delldude1_1Sorry we haven’t been posting so much the last few days. We’ve been having some technical difficulties, which we really wanted to blame on the Dell dude, but instead had to blame on some wireless router from NetGear that wouldn’t let us post anything and which has now been banished from the home office until it learns to respect AdFreak. At any rate, even if our technical issues were the fault of our aging, but beloved, Dell computer, we, of course, couldn’t blame it on the Dell dude, because, as you may remember, he doesn’t work there anymore. (Though we wish to remind everyone that the pot bust came several months after Dell said back in 2002 that it was, “ …  just trying new things, looking at alternatives" in lessening the Dude-i-tude of  its ads.) By the way, life, apparently goes on for the Dell dude—real name Ben Curtis—as evidenced by this URL though his picture there looks a lot more like Jason Priestley than it does him. In any event, he’ll be appearing tomorrow night at The Ace of Clubs at 9 Great Jones Street in the East Village (of NYC, natch), where he promises to perform “magic and comedy” as part of a fundraiser for

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor