Don’t Adopt a Cat. Adopt a Viral Video Waiting to Happen

A less earnest PSA from the ASPCA

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month at the ASPCA. Kittens tend to overrun the system in the hotter months, which means it's time for the annual glut of adoption PSAs. But I've never seen a selling point like this before. Forgoing all the mushy crap about loyalty and unconditional love, this campaign suggests you should adopt a pet to become Internet-famous. The project—a joint effort between the ASPCA, ABC News and ad agency Mekanism—brings to life the next viral sensation: Hovercat. It combines elements of Dub Step Cat and the "Invisible ____" meme to produce a supermeme. The tagline is, "Millions of viral videos waiting to be adopted." So, if you want to make your own awesome cat videos, you better get down to the ASPCA before someone else adopts the next star.