Disney takes Hong Kong by storm

Disney_2Let’s see, I’ll have a Mickey sweatshirt, a baseball cap with mouse ears and the egg foo yung, please. This is terrific news for the mouse empire—the new Disneyland in Hong Kong is taking off like crazy, with a flood of 10,000 hotel reservations in the three weeks since its call center opened. It’s getting a much better reception than EuroDisney did when it opened in 1992 outside Paris. (It may have failed for a number of reasons, but we’ll just point out that Space Mountain doesn’t sound as scary or as cool when it’s called De la Terre a la Lune.) The Hong Kong park opens in September. One thing that will be different from the Disney parks in Anaheim and Orlando: Don’t expect corn dogs and fries at every corner. The food will be mostly Chinese.

—Posted by Celeste Ward