Diet Coke’s seductive Roller Girl

Rollergirl2For months, bloggers have been atwitter trying to determine the identity of the radiant Roller Girl who is “seeing stars” in the recent Diet Coke ad, which was shot, according to one contributor’s personal knowledge, at Zuma Beach in Malibu. In the unexpurgated theatrical version of the commercial, her distraction-inducing antics include a split-second soda spray spurt from between her legs (take that, Freud—and Paris Hilton). Amid the frantic, testosterone-driven research, one frustrated guy writes that he wishes there were “an IMDB for commercials.” Sounds like a great idea! Well, it turns out the vivacious, freshly scrubbed, couldn’t-be-less-insolent-looking Roller Girl is none other than the inaptly named Nicole Vicius, who is indeed on IMDB for being in Gus Van Sant’s Last Days and for a recurring role on All My Children. And by the way, her last name is not as Van Santian street-trash punky as it sounds, says Nicole’s theatrical agent at Endeavor in New York. It’s a shortened family name.

—Posted by Gregory Solman