DDB’s mailroom guy is biggest sucker of all

Though amusingly done, I dislike this New York Lottery spot by DDB. Some guy from the mailroom roams around the executive suite, making snide comments about the stuffed suits who pull down "big bucks" for doing no work and depleting the employee pension fund. Now, no one despises senior management more than I do. They refuse to let me use their washroom, and I've explained that I'll only be sleeping there for a few days. What I object to in the ad is Mr. Mailroom's proclamation that he plans to play "Jumbo Bucks." Jeez, everyone knows the lottery's for suckers. Sure, those VPs broke a few federal statutes, but they didn't waste their time on billion-to-one odds. None of my lottery numbers have matched for 10 years. Now, where did I put those withdrawal slips for the pension fund?

—Posted by David Gianatasio