Dave Barry is not making this blog up

DavebarryblogWe just came across Dave Barry’s blog. (And yes, it is a TypePad blog, part of the Miami Herald’s blogging enterprise.) Dave doesn’t seem to spend much time on the posts—they average about eight words each, without any pictures, but they still get hundreds of comments. Occasionally, though, he does write a paragraph or two, like Tuesday’s post about his current ski trip in Colorado: “There are two kinds of skiers: lunatics and cowards. The lunatics want to ski all day, and they want to ski only on ski runs with names like ‘Certain Death’ and ‘Knee Trauma,’ littered with human skeletons. I myself am a coward. We cowards like to pace ourselves, hitting the slopes only for limited periods, say from 2:15 to 2:30 p.m. on alternate Thursdays. We ski only on easy runs, runs that are topographically indistinguishable from tennis courts and have names like ‘Easy Does It’ and ‘Barry Manilow.’ ”

—Posted by Tim Nudd