D’Angelo steak spot heavy on the cheese

Lately, we’ve seen a spate of odd (often unsettling) ads from fast-food chains. Now, D’Angelo sandwich shops (part of Papa Gino’s) ups the absurdity with a spot showing Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz stalked around town by a guy dressed as a steak and cheese sandwich. Boathouse created the commercial. “Don’t ignore me!” the sandwich barks, lurking outside Fenway Park as Ortiz exits. It also pops up in the back seat of his car and joins him inside a batting cage. In the clip’s most ludicrous scene, the sandwich shouts “Hungry!” in a locker-room, towel wrapped around its waist. Covering what, one wonders—sautéed onions and extra hots? (Is there a joke here about buns? Probably.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio