Cutwater’s Ray Ban virals get more random

Cutwater had that big hit in 2007 with the “Guy catches glasses with face” video (below), which has gotten about 4 million views on YouTube. Now, the agency is back with some more virals for the sunglasses brand, although this time the product is much less central. Four videos have rolled out in the last four weeks, the most popular one being the sloppy “Cow gives birth to a dude” (above). The adult-size, slimy newborn emerges with sunglasses on—that’s the extent of the product connection. Still, the thing’s gotten almost 1.7 million views, so there’s a market for this stuff. The other three new videos, “Disco Ballers,” “Green Screen Guy” and “Tallest ice cream,” don’t feature any halfway believable stunts or nasty birth footage, so they might not do as well.

—Posted by Tim Nudd