Cut Back on Junk Food If You Like Having Legs, Says NYC

New set of shock ads fight obesity

New York City's health department has used startling imagery for its anti-obesity ads in the past, including the guy who drank the tall glass of pure fat. Its latest effort is no different. It pairs an image of a man who lost a leg to Type 2 diabetes with a warning about increased soda-portion sizes at fast-food places. Critics say the ad is overly sensational, and some have called it "ineffectual" and "misleading." Mayor Bloomberg, in a moment that was equal parts hilarious and awkward, defended the ads while simultaneously endorsing a Brooklyn restaurant's fried chicken, and admitting that his own diet was "not great for [his] waistline, but that's okay." If he keeps up that attitude, he'll be in the next round of ads. Three full ads after the jump.