Curling and rock ‘n’ roll, together at last?

Here’s a TV show that would get advertisers’ mouths watering: a reality show about rock stars who enjoying curling. That’s right, curling, as in the winter sport involving stones, brooms and mirthful Canadians. A Toronto Star story, which does not appear to be a joke, lists Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi as “closet curlers” who “rent arena time on occasion to pick up brooms instead of guitars.” The hope is that one of the two might host the show on NBC. (They’d be smart to get Cassie Johnson involved, too.) The winner of the show would have a shot at competing in the U.S. curling championships and even, possibly, at the 2010 Olympics. Of course, with the writers strike almost over, Rockstar Curling might remain one of the best shows never produced.

—Posted by Tim Nudd