CP+B tries to crowdsource away the oil spill


Stopping the oil spill has apparently befuddled the best minds in science and engineering. Why not bring in the ad folks? Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the people behind the creepy Burger King and creepier Orville Deadenbacher, have collected 17 ideas from staffers over at executive creative director Andrew Keller's blog. The concepts include an A-Team-style solution with a large quantity of explosives. What good could come out of this mini-crowdsourcing exercise of non-experts? "The seeming luxury of not being able to look at a problem the same way others have or simply with a beautiful naiveté is what human advancement has been built on," Keller writes. "I've always felt I learn more from watching someone play guitar that can't actually play than someone that can. Their complete lack of knowledge actually opens them up to the possibility of innovation." If you want to contribute your own ideas, shoot an email to whatif [at] cpbgroup [dot] com.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey