Converse’s skate epic should be punk’d

I'm not sure what Converse and Anomaly were going for with this "Skate Like a Punk" ad. It's five-and-a-half minutes of what might as well be the Downhill Jam from Skate or Die. There aren't any impressive tricks or daredevil stunts—nothing's terribly "punk" about the clip, save the lawlessness implied by the police helicopter following the skater. Granted, I suppose it's a fresher example of punk rebellion than mohawks and spiked leather jackets, but it's still too long and a "to be continued" ending is highly unnecessary for a commercial designed to sell cheaply made shoes. It's not like actual punk skaters are hard to find. Hell, Duane Peters invented the layback grind, among other tricks, and he's been in and out of punk bands for decades (most notably the U.S. Bombs). Assuming he's not still in rehab, he's just a phone call away when Converse gets a clue.

—Posted by David Kiefaber