Converse celebrates Chuck Taylors in song

Strokes crooner Julian Casablancas, Prince wannabe Pharrell Williams and rapper/R&B diva Santogold team up for “My Drive Thru,” a song celebrating the centennial of Converse’s Chuck Taylor sneaker. The results are probably worse than you’d imagine. It sounds like something Moby would record while suffering from salmonella. Or something that rockin’ law firm from Florida might concoct after a particularly bad day in court. True, the song is no worse than the Jonas Brothers’ jingle for “Baby Bottle Pop,” but that’s not saying much. The track is available at, and it’s headed for an ad campaign by the sneaker company’s lead agency, Anomaly, which should keep in mind that Nike and Crispin split up over work that was better than this.

—Posted by David Gianatasio