In ‘Confederate States of America’ advertising takes a sinister turn

CsaUniversity of Kansas film professor Kevin Willmott is sure to get a rise out of the South with his documentary send-up CSA: The Confederate States of America. But the movie that presupposes a Confederate victory in the Civil War also spoofs the ability of advertising to adapt to any historical paradigm. Instead of the Home Shopping Network, we have the Slave Shopping Network. Devices to keep your slave from running away are promoted in contemporary style, as are other similarly shocking products.  Lest Willmott be tarred with the racist brush, note that the film is produced by Spike Lee and that Willmott earned his credentials fighting for racial equality in his equality-resistant high school. Some critics found it hard to laugh at scenarios such as a Confederate flag on the moon or children reciting the pledge of allegiance to the CSA. Too close to our current reality, they say.

—Posted by Richard Williamson