Comic books find a new favorite superhero

Obama-spidey copy

On Jan. 8, Marvel released a special inauguration issue of Spider-Man with Barack Obama on the cover. The edition has already sold out twice and is currently rushing into a third printing. Marvel is warning comic stores to get their orders in on time to stave off marauding hordes, even though the third printing will feature a slightly different cover. The first-edition copies can be bought right now for over $100 on eBay (retail price was $3.99). Obama apparently likes comic books, and the power of the 'Bama brand has already been used for other comic spinoffs, including Youngblood and … Savage Dragon, wha? But Peter Parker and the president-elect seem to be a better combination. Preview panels show Obama and Spidey sharing a charming fist bump after Peter saves Inauguration Day. What they need to do is dispense with the tie-ins altogether and give Obama his own comic series. He could be the Obamanator. Or perhaps I could interest Marvel in this Hulk script I've written called The Incredible Obamanation!

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers