Comedy, in the harshest place on Earth

“Last year they touched your heart. This year they’ll touch you in places you never imagined.” So begins the trailer for Farce of the Penguins, Bob Saget’s answer to last year’s March of the Penguins. To quote the comedian turned writer/director, Farce “exposes the seedy, sordid, sex-slaved world that is penguin life.“ The ThinkFilm mockumentary premieres on DVD in January, high mating season in South Park, I mean, the South Pole. Just don’t expect to hear Morgan Freeman’s sage, sonorous voice lending gravitas to nature’s mysteries. Samuel L. Jackson narrates this one. And the tagline is, “This time around, what happens in Antarctica … stays in Antarctica.” Enough said, unless you want to sample another trailer byte, now from the penguin perspective: “You guys made $70 million on that movie, and we didn’t see sh…!”

—Posted by Laura Blum