Comcast, Goodby sued over use of Godzilla

Comcast and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' use of the Big G, aka Godzilla, in its "Comcast Town" campaign could wind up costing them some Big Gs, aka money, thanks to a lawsuit filed by the Japanese studio that owns the rights to the iconic movie monster. Toho Co. alleges copyright infringement, claiming Comcast never got permission to use the city-stomping dinosaur's likeness in ads. What's worse, in reporting the story, Fox News in Los Angeles refers to Godzilla as an "iguana." That's like calling King Kong a marmoset! If the case goes to trial, would attorneys attempt to put Godzilla on the stand? He'd probably crush the courthouse and kill all the lawyers, admen and cable execs. Of course, who'd object to that? It'd be great to be able to say the lawsuit was worth it because Goodby's effort is a brilliant piece of marketing communications. But to paraphrase a line from a different film genre: Forget it, Jeff. This is Comcast Town.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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