Colle+McVoy gets in character for Monopoly

Like the Minnesota Lottery itself, Colle+McVoy is always changing games. Its creative approach for the client has varied wildly from campaign to campaign. Now, the agency throws everything against the wall with its "Grow your moneystache" effort promoting the new Mega Monopoly scratch tickets. In a 30-second spot, viewable at the bottom of this page, a cute blonde grows a version of the Monopoly mascot's iconic 'stache at work, and her nerdy office-mate is left so utterly speechless, it seems he might faint. C'mon, dude, it's not that weird—live a little! Mustache mirror-clings in bars and restaurants may cause tipsy adults to scratch and claw at their suddenly hirsute visages. Bus shelters converted into red Monopoly-piece "hotels" are eye-catching, though its sobering to consider that folks who spend all their money on lottery tickets could wind up living in one.

—Posted by David Gianatasio


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