Clooney still trying to act classy for Martini

David Duchovny’s appearance in a fashion ad campaign comes as little surprise, as he continues to spiral downward from his ’90s X-Files fame. George Clooney, however, is a different coconut entirely. Isn’t he a megastar? I see his face a lot on the Captivate screen in the elevator at work, so I assume he’s still a hot property. Yet here he is, the Cloonster, looking a bit like Raul Julia, slumming in yet another ad for Martini. Maybe he’s giving a deft, classy performance, mocking his celebrity with that oddball mustache and Shatner-esque delivery. If so, there’s a first time for everything. Maybe when Shats (it’s OK, his friends call him that) retires, Clooney could take his place in the Priceline campaign. Actually, that’s probably a better gig for Duchovny, who could use a great price on the long and winding road to obscurity.

—Posted by David Gianatasio