Cisco Valet ads don’t really make any sense


Cisco introduced its Valet routers this spring with some quirky ads that are still running. Each spot (one below, two more after the jump) presents the same scenario: A person starts to install the Valet, gets distracted by something weird, then looks back to see the network is ready. It's not really clear what the weird things—a dog in scuba gear, another on a treadmill, a giant fish, a cow being lowered by a crane—have to do with routers, or ease of use, or anything Valet-related, really. I suppose they're just saying any fool can set up a Valet (with its super-easy setup being its main selling point) quickly, and even while distracted. Perhaps to hedge its bets, Cisco also got two celebrities to take part—Tony Hawk and Carmelo Anthony—though their ads don't make a lot of sense, either. Then again, maybe the ultimate takeaway from these ads is in line with the brand message after all. And that might be: Don't overthink it. UPDATE: Someone is mucking around in the Valet's YouTube channel and deleted three of the ads. But you can see them all here.