Cindy Gallop will soon be running the world


Former BBH U.S. chairman Cindy Gallop gave Wired a sneak peak of her new venture. She's planning to launch, a Web site to help people organize do-gooder projects. The idea is to use social networking to turn altruism into action on a big scale. Rather than just join a Facebook group to align with a cause, users will be asked to actually do something to effect change, bit by bit. And yes, there's an advertiser angle. Gallop and software developer Wendell Davis see a mint in charging corporations for using the platform to organize—and letting them glom their brands onto chic causes near and dear to their customer bases. The hitch: Gallop needs money to make this a reality. She's looking for well-heeled companies to come aboard as charter members. Wired's Eliot Von Buskirk, for one, is totally sold on what he saw. "If this action-oriented, accountable, commercially viable operation gets off the ground, it's not hard to see how it could make the world a quantifiably better place," he writes.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey