Children Tell Parents to ‘Lock It Up’ in Merkley’s Gun Safety Ads

A welcome role reversal

Merkley + Partners takes the kids' side in its new campaign for gun safety, with boys and girls questioning why adults don't go to greater lengths to hide their firearms.

In one TV ad, "Please Add This to the List," a string of children note that their parents tell them to always wear seatbelt and bike helmets yet store their guns loosely in a drawer, closet, garage or under a bed. Another TV execution, "Do It for Us," weaves adults into picture, with a mother cradling a baby and a female teacher in a classroom saying that if guns are stored properly, "I won’t have to tell my kids, 'This isn’t a drill.' "

Documentary filmmaker Henry Corra directed the ads, which were shot in black and white, and actor Richard Thomas provided the voiceover. The campaign, which also includes print, outdoor, radio and online ads, was created for the National Crime Prevention Council (via the Ad Council) and funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. "Lock it up" is the tagline.

Client: National Crime Prevention Council
Agency: Merkley + Partners

Television and Radio
Executive Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter: Andy Hirsch
Chief Strategic Officer: Stacey Lesser
Account Director: Beth Miller
Account Coordinator: Taylor Doyle
Director, Broadcast Production: Gary Grossman
Producer: Donovan Green
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter (Radio): Harold Karp
Production Company: Corra Films
Director: Henry Corra
Producer: Jeremy Amar
Editor: Jeremy Medoff
Animation Graphics: Brand New School
Sound Mix: Seth Phillips, Sound Lounge
Voiceover: Richard Thomas

Executive Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter: Andy Hirsch
Photographer: Grant Delin
Director, Art Production: Bev Don
Art Producer: Jamie Bakin
Senior Print Producer: Stephen Brady
Director, Advertising Arts: Joe Chanin
Senior Retoucher: Ray Maravilla

Executive Creative Director: Andy Hirsch
Senior Interactive Art Director: Yoni Kim
Digital Group Account Director: Jennifer Cimmino
Digital Account Executive: Samantha Hess
Flash Developer: Charles Noel