Child Slavery PSAs Contrast the Joy of Youth and the Tragedy of Stolen Innocence

'No Child for Sale' shows heartbreaking comparisons

To highlight the global tragedy of children being sold into prostitution and hard labor, agency kbs+ has released three new spots for World Vision Canada's "No Child for Sale" initiative. Each spot starts with a beautiful childhood scene and ends with the stark reality of life for a child slave.

The videos are beautiful, moving and completely heart-wrenching. The "Bedtime" spot depicts lovely scenes of children falling asleep and being tucked in bed, and ends with a painful shot of a young child lying on a bed under the gaze of a pedophile customer.

The juxtaposition of the two very different childhood experiences is brutally effective. These spots—as well as the additional creative assets on the website—provide the viewer with some eye-opening awareness, and hopefully encourage all of us to take action to help end human trafficking and child slavery worldwide.


Agency: kbs+

Director: Miles Jay
Production House: OPC/FS
Editor: Jackie Roda
Editing House: School Editing
Online Creative Credits: Fort York VFX
Color: Eric Whipp, Alterego
Music: Me&John, Pirate Toronto
Broadcast Producer: Clare Cashman
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Hassell
Executive Creative Director: Dan Pawych
Art Director: Travis Cowdy
Writer, Creative Director: Lyranda Martin Evans
Account Team: Marie Magnin, Chantelle D’Aoust

Photographer: Hasnain Dattu
Retoucher: Mark Jackson
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Hassell
Creative Director: Marketa Krivy
Art Director: Braeden Laverty
Writer: Alyssa Geffen
Account Team: Marie Magnin, Chantelle D’Aoust

Executive Creative Director: Dave Sylvestre
Senior Art Director: Matthew May
Art Director, Illustrator: Carlos Lopez
Senior Copywriter: Lynne Valeriote
Design Production: Matthew May
Senior Development Consultant: Pat Lam
Development: Lollipop
Producer: Camelia Jitariu
Account Team: Erin Abbatangelo, Tiffany To
Business Lead: Robin Whalen
Agency Account, Integration Lead: Erin Abbatangelo