Chevy recycling stars of other commercials

H2o_2 Some commercial actors get away with being in a thousand ads. Like this guy from MassMutual’s bubble campaign; a few years back, he was in almost every commercial that aired. It’s harder for a guy like Wayne Wilderson, who’s been in lots of ads but is now instantly recognizable as the Washington Mutual guy who doesn’t like old naked bankers. This would seem to limit his options going forward, but Chevy still thinks he has some value, and so he pops up in this new fuel-cell spot. And he’s joined by another familiar face—Raymond Ochoa, the kid from the Verizon FiOS campaign, who’s becoming a big ad star in his own right (though some people would rather throttle him than adopt him). It appears Chevy just likes a proven commodity.

—Posted by Tim Nudd