Changing times for ‘TV Guide’

TvguideWe were pleased to read this morning that TV Guide is going to a large-size format, even if the change strikes us as at least five years late—any weekly publication so thick that it could serve as an end table seems destined for the recycling bin from the get-go. It’s also smart to concede that no one picks up magazines anymore just to find out when their favorite show is on; thus, the new TV Guide, which launches in October, won’t feature all the listing minutiae that used to be its bread and butter. But without the listings, will it really have a unique raison d’etre? The company’s CEO describes the new TV Guide as “a weekly, full-size, feature-rich TV entertainment and guidance magazine.” Which sounds so much like so many other magazines that the answer may end up being no.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor