Celebrate Scrappers with a little Photoshop

Photoshopscrappers Justin "Scrappers" Morrison long ago entered into ad folklore with his scene-stealing role, alongside stuffed-raccoon sidekick, in this video about WK+12, the in-house Wieden + Kennedy ad school that Morrison attended in 2006. One thing that’s been lacking over the years, though, is a good Scrappers Photoshop contest. Luckily, one of Scrappers’ buddies, a guy named Dickbird, has organized one. Visitors to Dickbird’s site can upload a background image, pick a Scrappers headshot, and let the hilarity ensue. Over on his Flickr photo stream, Scrappers explains: “My buddy dickbird and I have had an ongoing photoshop war for a couple years. He might have just destroyed me with this website.” Quite the opposite, we feel. We attempted a couple of entries here and here. If you feel likewise inspired, we can add yours to the gallery, too.

—Posted by Tim Nudd