Caucasian idiot hypes McDonald’s in Japan


A controversy is brewing in Japan over the latest McDonald's ads there, which feature a nerdy white foreigner who speaks in broken Japanese and generally acts like a moron. The character, named Mr. James, loves Japan and its people but reserves his true excitement (as seen in the ad below) for McDonald's food. Cardboard cutouts of Mr. James are everywhere, and the character is touring the country and posting about it on his blog. The campaign is only a few days old, but already there is backlash from those who think it's anti-white and anti-foreigner—and backlash to the backlash from those who think the West's depiction of Asians tends to be a lot worse. (Long Duk Dong's been mentioned.) We don't recall any U.S. McDonald's ad being anti-Asian, though of course Burger King did the questionable "Eat Like Snake" spot a few years back. Via Consumerist.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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