In case you haven’t had enough of politics

MSN today premieres a 25-episode Web-video comedy series called Republicrats, about a presidential hopeful of no fixed political beliefs (hence the title) who lets the public (via the Web) determine his stance on the issues and even select his running mate. Wags might ask how this differs from actual presidential politics. In our poll-obsessed, image-is-everything society, it probably doesn’t. In fact, it’s not even as pointed as Stephen Colbert’s foray onto the electoral stage, because his "fake" candidacy was for "real." The producers of Republicrats say they have no advertisers yet. If they’re willing to inject some mind-bending irony into the process, they should try to get their candidate on the actual ballot and qualify for public matching funds. Then the show could sponsor itself by running real/fake commercials for its real/fake candidate during its own episodes. Now that’s satire! And if laws are broken, well, that would just heighten the political "reality."

—Posted by David Gianatasio