Cards to spark a little more conversation

SpeechlessFor those poor souls who lack the confidence or social skills to mix with strangers in a crowd, take heart. Help is available. Work Labs, a Richmond, Va., company, has introduced a product to help break the ice. They’re called Speechless Conversation Cards, and they’re billed as a “creative way to make small talk.” The cards have witty comments on them that are designed to ignite a conversation. One reads, “Dancing is my life.” Another reads, “Is it safe?” “Can you believe I never work out?” says a third. Introduced in December but just now reaching national outlets, the cards are the first product from Work Labs. Cabell Harris, who also owns Work Advertising in Richmond, developed the company to introduce “over 100 concepts that I would like to take to market.” The cards have special relevance to Harris. “I am a social misfit,” he admits. “The cards were inspired from my own uneasiness in social situations.”

—Posted by Jim Lovel