Cards Against Humanity Made Donald Trump Cards, and a Whole Trump Survival Kit

10,000 people will now be safe(r)

Recently, we wrote about Jeffery DaSilva of the Sid Lee Collective and how he created an off-label Trump Against Humanity expansion that got yuuuge. Well, now Cards Against Humanity has gone and released its own official Trump expansion, but only to the first 10,000 people who claimed it, and it's already sold out.

We got in touch with Max Temkin, one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity, to ask him about this latest stunt and learned that it actually had nothing to do with the Sid Lee expansion. In fact, it's less of an expansion than a preparation kit to help America survive a potential Trump presidency.

The Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag contains an expansion deck of Trump-themed CAH cards along with currency from several nations, emergency food rations, a flint and steel firestarter, a golden locket with a photo of President Obama in it, and a handy gas mask—all packed inside a durable duffle bag.

According to Max, "We went all-out on this survival kit because we are legitimately terrified of Donald Trump and we didn't want to make a bunch of lame jokes about his hair or whatever. We just want to prepare as many people as possible for the collapse of society that will ensue when he seizes power."

How dedicated to saving our nation is Cards Against Humanity? Dedicated enough to equip 10,000 Americans with all that stuff for the impossibly low price of $25 a bag. "Our plan was originally to get Mexico to pay for the bag," Max says, "but we ended up making a tremendous deal wherein we lose money on each one we sell."

Like all CAH promotions, this one sold out quickly. The 10,000 bags were claimed in about an hour. But now that you know the contents, you can create your own emergency bag at home for the moment Trump puts his actual name in gold letters outside the White House.

See the Bug-Out Bag contents below. Click to enlarge:

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