Capital One gets medieval on our ass

Some people think Capital One’s ads are annoying, hard to follow and stupid, but I don’t mind them. They’re creative, they’re fun, the jokes aren’t milked for everything they’re worth, and (wonder of wonders) they actually explain what their service does. (OK, the David Spade stuff was awful.) The newest ad (not viewable online), in which they promise to bring banking “out of the dark ages,” is no exception. However, it loses points for accuracy; their loans and savings accounts wouldn’t have won over too many people in the actual Dark Ages, since medieval culture regarded investments and their ilk as the worst kind of avarice, itself the least popular of all Seven Deadly Sins. This moment of historical nerdery was brought to you by four years of medieval studies at Gettysburg College. Go Bullets.

—Posted by David Kiefaber