Can music wash away consumer cynicism?

Musicnotes1If music can tame the savage beast, what does it do for a cynical consumer?  There are a few campaigns, regardless of the companies or products being sold, that have excellent scores. Take for example BP’s “On the Street” campaign in which random people are interviewed about their thoughts on oil companies. After seeing these spots dozens of times, it is hard to recall one word that any of the interviewees said. (Save for one woman, who says asking someone to give up their car is like giving up chocolate. “It’s just not gonna happen,” she predicts.) But what stands out is the dreamy music at the end. Then there are the Walgreen’s “Perfect” spots, with some of the same kind of music and soothing voiceover, which can send the viewer into a hypnotic trance. Are there any others I missed?

—Posted by Celeste Ward