Call Your Doctor If This ‘Workaholics’ Billboard Lasts More Than 4 Hours

Comedy Central erects another phallic ad

Comedy Central's "Fully Torqued" phallic billboard on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard touting the new season of its Workaholics sitcom is awfully silly. TMZ claiming that its coverage of the sign is an "Exclu-Stiff" is even sillier. The show follows the lives of three recent college grads—and they finished cum laude, judging from that billboard. I'm not entirely sure what I meant by that, but I'm a firm believer that HBO got a bigger bang for its buck using a similar concept to promote Hung two years ago. The TMZ commenters' views on the Workaholics ad are priceless. One claims that the sign "looks more like a bra for Total Recall's three-breasted woman," while another moans, "Why must an ad like this appear? Is it really necessary? Oh well, next stop the old folks home and then it's a dirt nap. Come on death." Why fret? All those disturbed, offended or befuddled by such displays should remember that these things always come down eventually. At least, I've never heard of one staying up forever.