California teachers’ ads right on schedule

California’s notoriously powerful public-employee unions are nothing if not well coordinated, with everyone at least getting talking-points memos out of the billions of dollars they squander yearly. This morning on KABC radio in L.A., Democratic strategist Bob Mulholland, interviewed by Doug McIntyre on McIntyre in the Morning, was asked by the then-exasperated host exactly how much more money should be thrown at the state’s miserably failed public schools. Mulholland stammered and ducked but finally came up with the inanity that what California schools really need is thousands more “counselors”—to advise kids who can’t do high-school work that they should consider college. No sooner had the segment ended than a commercial came on from the California Teachers Association, led by Barbara Kerr (the irony of the begging for more tax funding for schools via big-money ad campaigns noted). There’s an election coming up, and the CTA has to start spending our tax money to subtly push for its choice for governor, Phil Angelides. So what does Kerr call for? More funding for more counselors. In Washington, that’s known as being “on message.”

—Posted by Gregory Solman