California’s happy cows laugh at Wisconsin

In a story chock full of cheese puns, the AP reports that California is set to pass Wisconsin as the nation’s top cheese producer—and wonders if Wisconsin should meet California’s “happy cows” on the field of battle with some high-profile advertising of its own. On the subject of California cheese, Wisconsin milk-board rep Patrick Geoghegan “turns up his nose faster than a 5-year-old offered his first slice of Limburger,” says the story, as it really lays it on thick. Geoghegan claims Wisconsin cheese is simply of a higher quality. A state tourism rep concurs: “You put a pound of cheddar from Wisconsin next to a pound of cheddar from California and ours is going to taste better, and that’s what it’s all about.” But maybe it’s about image, too. A marketing professor quoted in the piece says Wisconsin should create ads that focus on the state’s family-owned dairy farms and expose the happy cows as the lackeys of big corporate farms. “I think maybe California would be the evil empire and Wisconsin would be the good guys,” the professor says. “That’s something that would go over very well.” Except in California, of course, where the happy cows would no doubt plan an all-out counteroffensive.

—Posted by Tim Nudd