Cactus ads boil down classics of the theater


Prying people away from social media and computer games for live theater is tough. And these posters from Cactus for the Denver Center Theatre Company won't make it any easier. The ads here, including the stylized eyeball with a drop of blood beneath, seem kind of cool at first. But when people realize they're advertising Othello, they'll de-friend the person who dragged them off Facebook and made them sit through this high-brow crap. The series also includes A Raisin in the Sun and A Christmas Carol. It's like every book you hated in English class coming to life and mocking you. None of the plays, to my knowledge, was even based on a TV series. (Did I get passed over for the lead in my high-school play? Let me put it this way: There are no small parts, my ass!)

—Posted by David Gianatasio