Butterfinger is laughing with you, not at you

Nestlé's Butterfinger has found out something interesting about its young-adult target demo: that they love clever, irreverent humor! I had always thought that was universal, but what do I know? How does one market to people who like humor—besides, you know, the way the rest of the world does (i.e., by making funny commercials)? Well, the candy bar is sponsoring Yahoo!'s comedy network, has launched a humorous video contest (which needs more submissions), and now, through a deal with Levity Entertainment Group, is playing a three-minute Butterfinger sketch video before all shows at 28 Improv and Funny Bone clubs nationwide. So, they're appealing to people who like comedy by advertising in comedy clubs. It's so obvious, it might just be brilliant! Or maybe they're actually visiting the clubs to learn a little more about comedy themselves. Judging by the recent TV spot posted above, they could use a little help.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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