Building the world’s longest Web page

MilewallHere’s another Million Dollar Homepage wannabe, but this one’s somewhat interesting. It’s called The Mile Wall. Its owner, Travis Smith, a 19-year-old student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, plans to sell one square inch of space at a time until the page stretches one mile horizontally. As we speak, the wall is … almost two feet long! Obvious benefit: People will be able to see your ad better. Drawback: They’ll have to scroll forever to get to it. “I’m selling the space on the wall to help pay for college and boost the income I make as a painter a little bit,” he writes. “They don’t exaggerate much when they say starving artist. At one dollar per square inch for an entire lifetime online it’s a real bargain, especially if you’re used to paying one dollar for a single pixel!”

—Posted by Tim Nudd