Brut Is So Manly, It May Cause Sudden Pregnancy

Is this fertile ground or a retread?

In a new spot from the Sigma Group, a guy prepping for a night out with his wife slaps each of his cheeks with Brut Splash-On. The wife in question, who left the bathroom a moment earlier looking slim in a black evening dress, returns, now extremely pregnant. Their dachshund and goldfish have suddenly become pregnant, too. As much as I've longed to breed an army of human-fish hybrids to do my bidding (and who hasn't!), I fear this approach might be too awkwardly goofy to find broad appeal. It falls short of the often sublime, manic humor of Old Spice, though it is (marginally) less stupid than Axe's risqué doofus-dude routines. A second Brut ad (posted after the jump) shows a guy watching the news on TV while applying deodorant. The weatherman, who'd just predicted cold and rain, morphs into a bikini babe who coos, "It's gonna be a hot one." She's not pregnant, so couples having difficuly conceiving should probably go with the Splash-On.